A Cut Above

What We Do

In 1979 Steve Bodner dove into the commercial real estate business by developing retail centers and multifamily properties. After a calculated shift in the 1990s, SC Bodner Company now exclusively focuses on the development of best-in-class multifamily communities across the Midwest, Southwest, and Southeast regions. Through our commercial real estate expertise, unparalleled research inspired design, and resident-centered approach to property management, we raise the bar by creating exemplary experiences for discerning residents and their guests.


Initially founded nearly 100 years ago in 1924 by Solomon C. Bodner, SC Bodner Company got its start by building many of the Indianapolis area’s finest homes, office buildings, and apartment communities leading a local surge of post-World War II construction activity. Robert Bodner joined the family business in 1950 and continued his father’s legacy building distinctive homes, office buildings, and upscale apartment communities. Today’s business model draws on its predecessor’s nearly centuries worth of entrepreneurialism, passion for the industry, creativity, and management expertise to successfully deliver results to the stakeholders, residents, employees, and cities we work with.

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MBA Construction, SC Bodner’s in-house construction company, has a unique understanding of each project's vision and the ability to guide that vision on time and within budget from beginning to end. Our team is comprised of tenured field staff, strategic-minded corporate oversight and industry-leading project managers. With a combined expertise in multifamily and mixed-use construction our team enters each market with the unique ability to turn a shared dream into a state-of-the-art product.
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SC Bodner’s development team is responsible for the careful sourcing, evaluation and zoning of land development opportunities. The team diligently researches each market to ensure SC Bodner stays competitive with a strong local presence in top cities across the Midwest, South and South East regions. In order to target the appropriate product type, unit mix, and architectural design, our team works in conjunction with MBA Construction to ensure we construct high-quality multifamily communities that meet the changing trends in consumer demographic and demand.
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